Are you subdividing your property?

Do you require an additional Sewer Junction?

Does your existing internal sewer lines need diverting?

At Vivian Plumbing we remove all the questions, confusion and provide you with answers, solutions and a can do attitude, we are professionals at what we do and understand your frustrations.

When do I need a new Sewer Junction?

  • A new sewer junction is normally required when the main sewerage line extends past the property and does not provide a spigot provision line into the property for one reason or another. Normally an every main sewer line will have branch lines that extend inside the boundary to each property for connection, however in some instances these are missed and where not brought it while the sewer was being installed. In this situation a New Sewer Junction will be required
  • When a strata lot development has been granted and there is an existing sewer line that supplies the house at the rear or the front, the Water Corporation prefers a separate Sewer Junction to be installed to prevent potential disputes over damages or blocked sewer lines.
  • If a property has been subdivided as a green title property it is recommended that a separate sewer junction is provided to service the individual property, simply because this property will have a separate lot number and street number and will be treated as a separate property all together.
  • When an existing plumbing line needs to be diverted to within 600mm of the boundary to avoid any potential damage that may occur through construction or other building activities a second Sewer Junction may be required.

At Vivian Plumbing you simply tell us what you are doing, provide some basic paperwork and leave it to us we will provide you with a professional quotation and the right advice not to mention piece of mind.

At Vivian Plumbing we can safely excavate down to the Ministers main sewer, safely and make all necessary applications to the Water Corporation and within 48 hours have a new Sewer junction installed. We have all our own Trench Supports, Machinery, Licenced Plumbers and Compactors so we don’t need to hire anything and pass the saving of hire costs right back to our clients to ensure we offer our clients the most competitive service within the industry.