Grease Traps are a treatment facility which prevents grease and fat from cooking oils entering into your drainage system and causing blockages. Grease Traps are normally positioned on the outside of a building in an accessible location so they can be pumped and serviced when required. On the outlet side of all Grease Traps an I.W.S.P – (Industrial Waste Sampling Point) will be installed so at any time the Water Corporation can test your system and ensure the disposed liquid is within their discharge criteria guidelines.

Under the Water Services Act 2012 all businesses involved in the retail food industry must obtain written permission in the form of a trade waste permit before discharging any waste into the main sewerage system”.

At Vivian Plumbing we can provide expertise advice on all your Grease Trap requirements including:

  • Installation of your Grease Trap
  • Servicing of your Grease Trap periodically
  • Pumping the contents – by a licenced liquid waste contractor
  • Ensuring a hassle free Grease Trap

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Grease Traps are our specialty! We have replaced and serviced many grease traps across the Perth Metropolitan area over many years. We can install Grease Traps above ground, under basements, inside buildings or in a car park. We can help install a grease trap just about anywhere that may suit your requirements and also help complete the trade waste certificate to the Water Corporation to avoid any complications. We can answer any questions you may have and provide a design that works best for you!

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Maintenance of your Grease Trap

Your Grease Trap is not a self-cleaning system and needs pumping regularly to avoid any blockages and build-up of stubborn fat and grease.

Regular pumping is your responsibility and this must be adhered to as part of your trade waste approval. If this is not done the Water Corporation can impose heavy fines or alternatively close down your business, so it is extremely important these simple guidelines are followed:

  • Pumping is required when more than 30% of the effective depth of the grease trap is exceeded by floating or settled solids
  • Pumping will be required if the Water Corporation attends site and takes a sample of the treated water on the outlet of your grease trap and it exceeds the recommended Water Corporation Criteria
  • If there are solid matter of Grease or fat found in the outlet of the grease trap you will be forced to pump the system out

At Vivian Plumbing we can set up your scheduled maintenance program on a set frequency to ensure you don’t exceed the guidelines and most importantly to avoid any unnecessary fines.

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