CCTV Camera Inspections

When a drain is cleared the most commonly asked question is “What caused the blockage?”.

Whilst other companies will give you the same excuse over and over, Vivian Plumbing staff will provide you with the truth and photographic evidence to back the cause so you know exactly where and why the blockage occurred.

Our expert plumbers will deliver the footage on a DVD so you can play the CCTV footage and see for yourself what is happening within your drainage system.

If your drainage system needs repair or has been damaged by tree roots or other intrusions we can provide professional advice and recommendations to fix the problem. We have fully trained plumbers who can remove and replace broken or damaged pipework to ensure these problems won’t happen again.

See one of our CCTV drain inspections:


DIY Drain Cleaning Complications

The Most Common causes of Drain Blockages are:

  • Tree Roots
  • Grease or Fat
  • Foreign objects
  • Broken/damaged pipe work
  • Hair

Most people attempt to clear their blocked drains themselves using harmful chemicals, acids, Caustic soda and Bleaches. Although this will partially clear a blocked drain it does not serve a permanent solution and is simply just a band aid type approach.

Toxic Fumes, rashes, illness, discoloured tapware and finishing of your grates can be some major problems associated with DIY drain cleaning. Majority of the bleaches and acids used for drain cleaning should always be administered by trained professionals. Without full ventilation these chemicals can let off harmful toxic fumes which when combined with other fumes can be deadly.

In most circumstances these chemical acids and drain cleaning agents are not a permanent fix. We recommend using Vivian Plumbing’s team of Drain Blockage experts to attend site and clear your blockage permanently.