Have you had a bill for water usage and thought it seemed expensive?

This is a common problem we come across every day, and in most cases it is because a pipe has ruptured and burst causing excessive water to be lost in any event. We all know how precious our water is and at Vivian Plumbing we take this very seriously.

Our team of professional plumbers can attend site to determine the location of the leak and fix it straight away to prevent any further water loss. Once the repair is fixed we can take photos of the damage and complete a, “Leak Allowance Form”

See Leak Allowance Form:


This will enable you, our client to apply for a rebate on the excessive water loss that has occurred. This is just another way the team at Vivian Plumbing help our clients to achieve value for money every time.

Burst pipes are most common on copper water lines where the reaction from acidic or clay charged grounds cause corrosion on the copper water pipes. Over time the copper water pipes become paper thin and eventually burst. Some things we at Vivian Plumbing tell our Clients to look out for are:

  • Wet or damp walls that don’t ever seem to dry out
  • A damp, musty smell that never goes away in a particular room
  • Excessive water bills more than previous accounts
  • Mould and bubbling like effects on a wall
  • Muddy and soggy ground outside that doesn’t seem to dry up

Leak Detection

Our plumbers use the latest advanced digital leak locators to save time and money, locating even the smallest of leaks in minimal time ensuring a fast efficient repair. They carry repair tools for all the modern poly piping systems that are on the market today. Once the leak is found we do what it takes to locate the pipe and repair, in most cases the pipe may need replacing in it’s entirely.

Our lead detection specialists use detective microphones to listen to where the leak may be, this will pick up any drips, leaks, or flooding that may be causing the leak. Vivian Plumbers will find the problem and solve the leak once and for all.