Are you suffering from blocked drains? Does your shower always take a while to drain away? Or is that basin in your bathroom up and draining slowly every time you brush your teeth?

Blocked drains are a pain and are something most people tend to leave until the situation gets out of control. Blocked drains can lead to serious flooding and can cause potential property damage if not treated early.

Our staff at Vivian Plumbing are highly experienced, professional plumbers that are experts in clearing all types of blockages. We attend site in a fully equipped van with all the latest drain cleaning equipment suitable for the job. We also ensure the site is clean before leaving so you wouldn’t even know there was a blockage.

Blocked drains can be cleared in many ways, at Vivian Plumbing our vans each have a Rigid drain machine (commonly known as the electric eel). It is a machine with a steel cable that is fed through the machine and spins around powered by an Electric motor. The machine has a cutting device at the end so as it spins around inside the drainage lines it removes any intrusions or obstacles that may lie in the way.

For those tough blockages that involve grease build up and stubborn fatty materials stuck to your pipes, we have the solution at Vivian Plumbing!

In this case we would use our highly powerful Water Jetter system that cleans all the excess fat and sludge that can build up over the years. With this high pressure jetting service it leaves the inside of your drains 100% clean. Any intrusions, tree roots or other obstacles can be immediately pushed out of the system. This method in many cases is followed up with a CCTV camera to examine the system and distinguish where and what the cause of the blockage was.

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What is High pressure jetting?

High pressure jetting involves water being pressurised and forced into a high pressure hose. The water is pushed through a very small hole at the end of a cutting device on the jetter, this causes water to flow backwards giving the jetter movement in a forwards direction.

High Pressure Jetting is a very common method of clearing the most stubborn blockages and at Vivian Plumbing we are fully equipped with the latest technology. So, when you need the confidence of a trusted and reputable company call the experts Vivian Plumbing.