ATU – Aerobic Treatment Units are used commonly in areas where sewer is not available. Alternatively, clients have the choice of using a generic Septic Tank and Leech Drain system or an environmentally friendly ATU system. Vivian Plumbing is a service agent for Aquarius Waste Water and are experienced in all types of ATU systems across the Perth Metro area and within remote towns outside of Perth.

Over the years Vivian Plumbing has installed hundreds of ATU systems to suit people’s needs Western Australian wide.

Vivian Plumbing can help you choose the right ATU for your development and professionally submit your, “Application to install an Apparatus” to the local Shire for approval.

What is an ATU?

An Aerobic Treatment Unit is a specifically designed system that breaks down human waste through a series of processes to achieve a liquid suitable for disposal into the ground. The process that the system undergoes involves aeration, and ozone disinfection which helps with the breakdown of solid effluent so the liquid can therefore be discharged safely through many different ways to comply with the Health Regulations.

All ATU systems require a power source connected to a Control Panel that activates a series of pumps which pump the effluent into each chamber where a different breakdown process takes place.

ATU systems can be dispersed through the following methods:

  1. Concrete Leech Drains
  2. Sub surface drippers
  3. Soak wells
  4. Aqua safe Drains


What are the main advantages of the ATU?

When choosing an ATU it is important to speak to the professionals and find out what they recommend.

At Vivian Plumbing we stand by Aquarius Waste Water and have been installing their systems for years, the choice is easy!

  • All waste water can be recycled through irrigation into garden beds, fruit trees or vegetable gardens by a dripper line or above ground sprinklers, all the water that is dispersed through the ATU can be re-used and recycled saving huge amount on water usage for irrigation.
  • Fully approved by the Health Department of WA.
  • Fully compliant with Australian standards AS/NZS 1546.3
  • Nutrient Retentive.
  • Disinfection with ozone more effective than chlorine chemicals.
  • Low energy usage
  • Low maintenance
  • Comes complete with all pumps, tanks, pipe work, irrigation components and a control panel.
  • Environmentally friendly


The process of installing an ATU system

Sewage and effluent can contain a variety of human disease causing organisms that can be spread to humans by direct or indirect contact either by consumption or contamination of food or water. Therefore it is very important that the following procedures are meet to ensure compliance is achieved and certification upon completion is provided.

Step 1– An Application to install an Apparatus” needs to be completed by either the owner of the property, the builder or the plumber. Once completed this needs to be sent in to the Local Authority (Shire Governing Body) along with the application. There are other documents required to be sent along with the application. For example: 3 copies of a site plan, 3 copies of a floor plan and number of people living at the premises (just to name a few).

By providing all the information on the application you are giving the Health officer all the necessary information they need to determine what system is required to be installed. Along with this application you will be provided to sketch on your site plan where you wish to install your effluent system, although you need to ensure it complies with all relevant setbacks and clearances.

It can be seen on the Health Departments Web Page:

Step 2- Once the application has been sent you will normally receive a reply within 4-6 weeks. In this time the Shire will prepare a comprehensive approval stipulating their requirements based on the information you have provided. This needs to be read carefully and given to your Plumber so installation can take place in accordance with the approval. This is also important for when the installation is completed as the Health Officer can attend site and inspect the installation to ensure all factors addressed in the approval are met and adhered to.

Step 3– Engage a licensed plumber to install your ATU System. Once the Health Officer is satisfied with the installation they will issue a “Permit to Use” certificate. This will then certify the system can be used and complies with the regulations imposed. As a condition of receiving the certificate the licensed plumber must draw up an “As Constructed Plan” showing where the system has been installed. The plan shows all set back measurements from buildings and boundaries so if the property is sold or developed in the future this information can be used to locate the system.

Vivian Plumbing is an accredited installer for Aquarius Waste Water. We have been installing Aerobic Treatment Units for several years for both Residential and Commercial Properties.

We can install, maintain and service all waste water treatment systems and provide a full commission report to ensure your system operates at optimum all year round.

See the range of Aquarius Waste Water Units and specifications on their website.

For more information on the Aquarius Waste Water systems please visit: